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Surge Protection Systems Design and Installation
We design and install Surge Protection for any structure or facility big or small. Power surges are not just from lightning and can happen anytime during the year. Power surges are dangerous and can destory sensitive equipment, wiring, control devices, relays, chargers and much more. Our systems filter and balance the small electrical surges that happen everyday and also protect your valuable electrical systems from those large unusual surges. Our surge systems are commonly used on electrical, telephone, data and cable/tv.   

Grounding Systems- All Types Including Motorola R56 Standards
We install all types of grounding systems big or small. We have 50+ years of experience installing all types of grounding systems for commercial, residential, industrial, military and government agencies. Our wide range of knowledge and experience cover all types of grounding including Signal Reference Grids (SRG) and Chemical Grounding Systems, we are always up to date on the latest codes and standards for grounding systems. In addition we also specialize in grounding systems for telecom and data buildings conforming to the strict and complex Motorola R56 Standards. 

Lightning Protection Systems-Franklin Style and Early Streamer Systems

Hart & Associates has 50+ years of unmatched experience installing all types of lightning protection systems. We install all types of systems from standard Franklin Style systems to Early Streamer or Mast/Pole systems. We have installed systems in many states on a wide range of projects. Give us a call to discuss your needs. 

Independent Ground Testing, Inspections, Design and Certification

We perform independent ground testing, inspections and certifications on a regular basis for all types of customers. Our highly trained technicians can locate your existing grounding system using the latest locating equipment and test your grounding system using a two, three or four point fall of potential tester. Our technicians are trained in all the grounding codes and standards including military standards new and old. Your grounding systems should be tested on an annual basis to ensure the system is complete and meets the applicable standards. We can also design grounding systems to meet your requirements while satisfying the applicable code and standards for your structure in your region/area.

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Independent Lightning Protection Consultations, Design, Testing and Inspections

We perform consulting and design services for lightning protection systems on a regular basis. Our 50+ years of experience in this industry is unmatched. Whatever your needs are give us a call. We can handle any project or situation big or small. We are highly experienced in those impossible or really messed up situations contractors or owners sometimes find themselves in. We travel and consult in many states.

We also test and inspect lightning protection systems on a regular basis. Lightning Protection systems should never be installed and forgot about. They need to inspected and tested on an annual basis. In some cases the lightning protection system is altered or disconnected within the first year of installation preventing the system to work properly. This is most common when other contractors perform maintaince or repair on the roof and knowingly or unknowingly disconnect the system or remove parts from it. In these cases there is a false sense of protection. We also have found where lightning protection systems were never installed right to begin with. Your lightning protection system needs to be certified by an independent nationally recognized testing agency and not your installing company. This is often required by the codes and standards or specifications in your area. This will ensure that your investment was done correctly. We have inspected and found many systems that were not installed correctly and/or were never certified. Don’t be cheated.  

Lightning protection systems that have been certified are only certified for 5 years and need to be recertified to maintain a valid inspection certification that is often required by government or insurance agencies. We offer precertification inspection, testing and consultation services. Why fail your certification and spend thousands of dollars on multiple inspections? Have us perform a precertification inspection and testing to see if your system is ready to be certified again. We will provide you with a detailed written report on your system status. Our reports will provide our recommendation on what your system needs to pass a certification and maintain current codes and standards.  

Lightning Protection and Surge Protection for Photovoltaic Systems (Solar Panels)

We can design, install and have certified lightning and surge protection for Photovoltaic systems. Protect your investment right. Why risk your precious investment to lightning strikes or surges? The down time and rebuild costs can cost your thousands. Our systems protect your entire Photovoltaic Systems including arrays, wiring, control devices, line controllers, charges, inverters and more. Call for a free consultation and quote.   

​​Cathodic Protection Systems

We now offer Cathodic Protection Systems. Whatever your needs are we can handle it. Call us for more details. 

​Faraday Cage Design, Installation and Certification

Protect your structure from electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and electronic eavesdropping.   

We can design, install and have certified a Faraday System for your structure. We design and build systems to the latest Military Standards. The inspection and certification is performed by a nationally recognized testing agency that has been inspecting and certifying systems since 1908. We have installed and designed Faraday Cage systems for many structures big and small. Call for more details.